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Jim Snyder Painting Ceilings
Al Long making drywall repairs disappear
Fountain Park Soutgate South
REO Construction specializes in apartment painting.  We routinely
complete thousands of interior painting jobs annually & provide next day
service. We are proud to have earned the reputation of maintaining a high
standard of dependable, quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. We
strive to exceed the standards of all our customers.

Our painters are trained to make repairs to drywall & wet plaster surfaces
prior to painting.  Fast drying products we use allow occupied units  &
vacants  to routinely be completed the same day they are started.  Large
drywall replacement can also be performed using this style of
Fountain Park - Southgate South
Jim Snyder painting ceilings
We also have several Condominium Management Companies that we
service regularly.  These services include, but not limited to -  painting
units,  painting exteriors, painting carports, drywall repairs, painting
common hallways, office painting & maintenance turning vacant units.
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Al Long making
drywall repairs disappear