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  Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to manage the indoor air quality
of their homes.  And part of that process is to have the forced air HVAC system cleaned.

  Whether it is heating your home in the winter or cooling your home in the summer your
HVAC system is constantly circulating air throughout your house.  Typically homeowners
only view what may be inside their HVAC system at the two most common points of
contact, either by looking into the supply or return grilles, or while changing the filter at the
furnace.  But what is inside the sealed duct work?

  Approximately 20 lbs. of dust and debris move through your HVAC system annually.  
How do you as a homeowner know if you need your system cleaned?  There are a few
questions you need to ask yourself.

1) Do you notice a lot of "lint like" material catching on the vent covers?

2) Do you think the air coming out of your vents has an odd odor?

3) Does anyone in the home suffer from allergies?  There may be dust, bacteria, mites,
mildew, or mold growing inside your duct work.  

4) Have you recently purchased the home?  Do you know what was left behind when the
previous owner moved out?  Human hair, pet hair, dander, rodent hair, droppings, nests,
dead bugs, or pesticides.  

5) Have you had any indoor remodeling done?  Your system may be contaminated with
plaster, plaster dust, wood, nails, and other construction debris.  Not to mention what was
sucked in or swept into the HVAC system during the original construction of the house.  
Because the HVAC system is one of the first things to be installed during the construction of
a house it is often contaminated well before the first homeowners even move in.

  All of these symptoms could congest, reduce the effectiveness, or cause premature
mechanical failure of your HVAC system.  If you answered yes to any of these questions of
just have concerns about how clean you think your HVAC system may be call us for a free
inspection and estimate.

Should I have my ducts cleaned?
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