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The popularity that faux finishing is enjoying today has made it an option more and more
utilized to enhance a room's ambiance or architectural details, as well as hiding defects in
your dry wall or plaster walls. As faux has grown more mainstream and is highlighted in
television shows and written articles it has become something many think of as a do-it
yourself project. However what looks so easy on TV does not always translate to real
The most common problems are color and technique.  There are specific techniques to
achieve a finished product and a trained professional artiest won't have the "dry lines"
(overlap marks) and "picture framing" (too dark or too light at the corners and or ceilings
and floors) that plague the average do-it-yourselfer.  What appears to be a beautifully
random movement on a finished wall often looks nearly haphazard when done by a

When choosing colors, what looked good on a small chip at the home improvement store
does not always look like expected on your walls.  Faux finishing enables colors to be
tailored specifically to the individual environment, picking up colors and shading from
flooring and fabrics to make a finish unique to the room.  A color right off the shelf does
not always translate well to a full size wall.  Let REO Construction Co. do it for you and
you will enjoy the look you've always wanted.