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If you suspect that you have a mold problem at your home or place of business, give
us a call.  REO Construction specializes in mold remediation.  We are licensed,
insured, and are certified mold remediation specialists.  Give us a call to set up a free
inspection.  We offer "Common Sense Solutions for your remediation needs and our
experienced staff will work to give you back your peace of mind.

In addition to having the expertise and experience to handle any of your remediation
concerns, REO Construction will address the source of the moisture that led to the
mold.  Being a full service construction company as well as a remediation company,
we are able to handle the moisture issues "in-house" and you will not have to deal with
more than one contractor on any project.

We are also attic mold experts and can help to keep a home sale on track, satisfying
both the seller and the buyer.  We have come to be relied on by many realtors to
salvage home sales that might otherwise have fallen through.

Give us a call today and let us show you why REO Construction Co. is the right
company for your mold remediation needs.
Mold on roof deck in attic
Mold on moisture wicking in basement
Attic Mold
Basement Flood