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Property Preservation
Painting, Inc.
Office: (734) 260-3410      Fax: (734) 895-7251
With years of experience in the REO market, we are the company to help you with all of
your property preservation needs.  We understand that quick and efficient property
preservation is the best way to maximize your home's value and get it sold.

We provide a full array of on-site, on-demand property preservation services. Most services
can be accomplished in less than three business days. Our employees are fully trained.  We
will provide you with before and after pictures.

Property Preservation Services:

Locks - Re-keying and securing entry doors, as well as garage doors and gates.

Roof Tarps - Installation of 5.1 mil tarps secured with 1'' X 3'' furring strips.

Winterization - Dry and wet winterization to prevent freeze damage to plumbing and
heating systems.  Done to conform to local codes or customer's specs.

Sump Pumps - Remove and replace inoperable sump pumps to mitigate chances of
basement flooding.  Both electric and water driven sump pumps installed.

Board Ups/Securing - Installation of plywood done to HUD specifications, local codes
and/or customer's specs.  Pools will be covered and secured.

Pump Basements - Removal of water from basements decreasing water damaged materials.

Trash Out/Debris Removal - Remove and dispose of debris for safety and aesthetics.

Janitorial/Sales Clean - Cleaning of house to get it sold.

Health/Safety Issues - Address health and safety issues to get your house on the market.  
We specialize in common sense
mold remediation and water damage restoration.

Code Issues - We are familiar with codes that are regular problem areas with REO homes.

* We can meet any specifications provided.
A blue tarped roof
Clearing the plumbing lines with air pressure
Winterizing a toilet
Tarped Roofs
Clearing plumbing lines
Antifreeze for